Product Detail;
Model No: WH-LSM10 Size: 29mm x 113mm 10inch
Led Chip: Epistar (Made in TaiWan)
Round head Lamp LED Φ 5mm Single Red/Yellow/Green/White/Blue Color
Led Quality : 19pcs Segment weight : 42g
Operating Voltage : 12V DC Operating Current: 60mA (Red and Yellow )
Operating Voltage : 12V DC Operating Current: 105mA (Green and White/Blue )
Brightness : 2000-3000mcd ( Red & Yellow Color ) 4000-6000mcd ( Green Color )
Brightness : 6000-8000mcd (White & Blue Color )
Led Chip Parameter;
Red Color Wave length : 620-630 Operating Voltage : 1.9V-2.4V Luminous Flus:2LM
Green Color Wave length:515-525 Operating Voltage :3.0V-3.4V Luminous Flus:3LM
Yellow Color Wave length : 585-590 Operating Voltage : 1.9V-2.2V Luminous Flus:1.5LM
White Color Operating Voltage : 3.0V-3.4V Color Temp:6000-6500 Luminous Flus:5LM
Horizontal Visual Angle: 60°c Vertical Visual angle : 60°c
Product Description ;
Usage: The display segment is sealed with injection molding, using the Sealed silicone treatment, It can reach IP65 outdoor Waterproof grade.
Each digit “8” is made of Led 7 segments <LED PCB Board <diamond > + Led Lamps+A.B Silicone glue + Led Waterproof Plastic cover <Diamond > + Cable Connector
Using high light and wide sight LED lamp to display, which keep clear display effectively
Even through under direct sunlight.
All materials are passed high and low temp test, the products can operate steadily between -30°c-75°c
Once led lamps of segment is dead, the display segment can be replaced independently and easy maintain.
We have complete sizes to satisfy most application requested and we can do other measurement made to order.
Current Standard size : 6inch /8inch/10inch/12inch/15inch/18inch/20inch/24inch/32inch/45inch/48inch/60inch etc.
Customized sizes will be welcomed all the time.