Q: What can LED Modules be used for?
A: We carry a wide variety of modules in many different sizes, and colors that can easily be used for any kind of lighting application. Typically modules are used to backlight signs or channel letters but are also great for cove lighting, cabinet lighting or any other application where modular LED lighting is needed.
Q: What depth do I need for my LED Modules to properly diffuse?
A: We recommend a depth of around 5" to 6" for the LED Modules to properly diffuse when backlighting any signage, depending on the material that the light is shining through.
Q: What power supply do I need to run my LED Modules?
A: In order to determine what power supply you would need you first need to figure out what type of DC Voltage the modules operate on and then you must determine the total wattage of modules that will be powered, wattage can be found in the specifications table on each module product page. After figuring the total wattage of the modules being powered add an additional 15% cushion on top of that and this will give you the size of power supply that you will need.
Q: How do I mount LED Modules
A: All of our LED Modules come with an adhesive tape on the back of each module for an easy and secure mount.
Q: What is the difference between RGB and Digital RGB Modules?
A: RGB Modules are color changing modules that can create over 16 million different hues from the combination of red, green, and blue LED chips inside of each module, when using RGB Modules every module connected to the RGB controller will do the same color changing effect. Digital RGB Modules can still create the same color effects as regular RGB modules but they also include an IC control chip that enables each individual module to perform a different color changing effect when controlled by a digital RGB controller or DMX512 control system.
Q: Can I cut the wire in between each Module?
A: Yes, all of our LED Modules can be cut at any point in the lead wires between each module as long as there is sufficient wiring left to splice back to DC power source.
Q: What is the origin of the parts?
A: All Toplight parts are manufactured in China.