USA Project of Led Digital Safety board sign

Product Description:
Model No : USA LED Digital Safety board sign
Size of Iron cabinet : 800mm*800mm*70mm
Led Tube : 2.3inch 8888 Red ( Worked days )
Adv Character: English <Air-brushing>
Led 3.75 dot Matrix Single red Color
Cabinet material : Aluminum Frame
Alarm Lamps: Red/Yellow/Green
Control ways : by RF remote Control or USB flash disk by PC
Led display board height : 31.5inch Led display width : 31.5inch
Thickness of Led display board : 2.75inch
It’s made of completed Aluminum cabinet with lights, Led timer
Led message board and RF controller etc.<All Spare parts are including
Aluminum Frame, Led Acrylic panel, Air-brushing, Alarm Lamps
Led Nixie tube, Led PCB board, Led dot matrix, Control card, Power supply
Working Temp : -35°C - +50°C 13) Warranty : 3 Years
White/Yellow/Black PCB available
Waterproof: (IP54 Waterproof rate )
Lifetime up to 50000 hours
CE, Rosh certification passed
Warm white,white,cool white,green,blue,yellow,red,pink,purple color
Customized are welcomed all the time.